PDG Mobility Is Acquired by Advanced Health Care Products

Wheelchair manufacturer PDG Mobility has been acquired by Advanced Health Care Products (AHC), a Canadian distributor best known to this point for its support surfaces and pressure-related products.

A spokesperson for AHC confirmed the purchase on June 19. The company was incorporated in 1991 and is based in Montreal.

Early details suggest that the presence of new ownership won’t have a significant impact on how ATPs and seating & wheeled mobility clinicians work with PDG on a day-to-day basis.

A statement from PDG said, “With Louis Belanger as president, PDG will continue to design and manufacture tilt-in-space, bariatric and high-performance wheelchairs. The current PDG administration, engineering, manufacturing plant and customer service teams will remain in Vancouver, B.C.”

Berlanger joined PDG in 2006 and has been its president since 2011.

PDG said AHC sales reps will now handle PDG orders in Canada, but that PDG’s American network of sales reps will stay in place to handle orders in the United States.

“AHC is committed to keeping and enhancing PDG's current product line while embracing PDG's commitment to quality and performance,” PDG said in its news announcement. “AHC will further assist PDG with an integrated presence across Canada, U.S. and existing international markets.”

PDG recently introduced the Elevation manual wheelchair, an ultralightweight model capable of seat elevation.

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