Quantum Rehab Debuts iLevel Web Site

Quantum Rehab’s new iLevel power seat elevation technology now has an online home of its very own.

The new Web site iLevel.rehab is dedicated to educating clinicians, ATPs and consumers about the iLevel’s functions and benefits, which include being able drive the power chair at a “walking speed” of 3 mph with the seat elevated.

iLevel is available on Quantum’s new Q6 Edge 2.0 power base.

Megan Kutch, MS, OTR, director of Quantum marketing, said about the new site, “When iLevel went through beta testing and subsequent full-time use, clients told us of so many aspects of their lives that it enhanced, so we knew it went beyond previous seat lifts toward dramatically improving quality of life. We realized through the users’ eyes the life-changing characteristics of iLevel, and sought a Web site and content that conveys the extraordinary impact. Users show us that iLevel isn’t just a technology, but a vital complex rehab solution toward daily functionality and quality of life -- and the dedicated Web site reflects their experiences.”

The site features videos showing iLevel technology in action, tips for iLevel users as they learn to use their new systems, and a funding page. A “Fact vs. Fiction” feature on that funding page explains when seat elevation can be reimbursable, thereby dispelling the myth that this powered seat function is available only as a retail option.

Visitors to the funding page can also direct seat elevation reimbursement questions or comments to Julie Piriano, PT, ATP/SMS, director of rehab industry affairs at Quantum Rehab. In an accompanying video, Piriano says, “Clinically speaking, power adjustable seat height technology is not only enabling; it is medically necessary for individuals with disabilities and complex medical needs who use power wheelchairs.”

In the video, Piriano goes on to explain – as real-life wheelchair users demonstrate – the many clinical advantages that seat elevation offers during transfers, reaching and other mobility-related activities of daily living.

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