Mike Ballard Names Bill Mixon New NSM CEO

At its annual symposium for ATPs and managers, National Seating & Mobility (NSM) founder Mike Ballard named President Bill Mixon the providership’s new CEO.

Ballard made the announcement July 12 in Nashville, Tenn., during a lunchtime address attended by NSM ATPs, managers and executives, as well as complex rehab manufacturers.

Mixon became president of NSM last July, and Ballard cited Mixon’s work in the last year in explaining the promotion. In a news announcement, Ballard said, “NSM’s exceptional performance during the past 12 months is clear evidence that Bill Mixon is a perfect fit to lead this company forward.”

Ballard told the company’s ATPs in Nashville that he would keep his title of executive chairman, and that going forward, he would focus on key industry issues.

“One of the reasons I created this company was to have a platform,” Ballard said at the Nashville event. He pointed out, for instance, that even though proving medical necessity really isn’t an issue for the people with severe disabilities who are served by NSM, reimbursement policies and red tape can mean consumers wait 90 to 120 days to receive their complex rehab technology.

Through organic growth and acquisition in the last year, NSM has added 90 ATPs to its company roster, bringing the total up to 240.

“I’m honored to accept this chair and lead this team,” Mixon said in the announcement of his new role. “NSM is an industry leader with a robust foundation. Mike and his team have always given top priority to patients and employees. That has translated into exceptional growth, especially during the past year.”

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