AHIA to Launch Accessible Home App at Medtrade

Accessible Home Improvement of America (AHIA) will launch a mobile app aimed at home accessibility professionals.

The app’s debut will come at Medtrade in Atlanta, Oct. 26.

A news announcement said the new Live At Home app will be compatible with iPad devices.

“This is a solution for members in the field looking for an easy-to-use, streamlined assessment and sales tool that is capable of creating professional proposals with HIPAA-compliant security,” said AHIA President Jerry Keiderling. “It also allows providers in the field to communicate with the back office.”

The announcement from VGM Group, parent company of AHIA, said the Live At Home app will enable home modification professionals “to do much of their work right in a client’s home.” The app will be able to provide accessible designs on site, take photos and make recommendations, allow professionals to type notes on the photos, accept digital signatures, generate e-mail proposals and load product catalogs.

“Live at Home will revolutionize the way certified providers, contractors and experts in the home modification industry evaluate, recommend modifications, present proposals to their clients and communicate with their teams,” Keiderling noted.

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