Stealth Products: We’ll Expedite Orders for ALS Patients

The timetable for progression among clients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is among the most challenging that a seating & wheeled mobility clinician or ATP will face. The disease can move with such swiftness — and also with such a high level of unpredictability — that providing the right equipment at the right times to constantly support clinical needs and client independence is difficult.

To make the situation a little more manageable, Stealth Products has announced it will now expedite the handling of all orders that are marked for patients with ALS.

In the news announcement, the company said the move demonstrates “Stealth’s continued commitment to the continued fight against ALS and those that are currently fighting this disease.”

Stealth Products President Lorenzo Romero added, “At Stealth, we understand the struggles facing patients fighting ALS and the rapid pace at which this terrible disease can progress. Because of this, Stealth wants to take this step to help get ALS patients the medical devices they need quickly to help make their lives as comfortable and manageable as possible.”

Orders that are indicated as being for ALS patients will receive expedited fulfillment as well as delivery, said Director of Operations Cesar Perea. “Our new commitment,” Perea said, “will have us completing ALS orders within 48 hours and custom orders within three to five days, depending on the complexity. We will also expedite shipping to arrive within two business days.”

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