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Symmetric Designs has long had its Web site to market its seating & positioning components, including its well-known Savant headrest and the Axion Rotary Interface that enables headrests to freely rotate to accommodate the unique needs of each user.

Now, Symmetric Designs has launched a second Web site – – to highlight its Free Form Seating system.

“We felt that Free Form needed a dedicated Web site of its own to really showcase the product and what it can do,” Symmetric Designs’ Sam Hannah, ATP, told Mobility Management. “It’s such a versatile product that can be applied in many ways. One page on our company Web site wouldn’t do it justice.”

Symmetric Designs describes the Free Form system as “custom seating, simplified.” Providers and clinicians can order Free Form backrest or full-body kits, which can be adjusted to accommodate such conditions as kyphosis, scoliosis or lordosis. The modularity of the system also allows the seating team to make adjustments to account for weight gain or loss, growth or changes in condition.

Positioning components such as chest harnesses and headrests can be added to the full-body seating system via hardware that includes clamps and extended screws.

Backrest kits are angle, depth and height adjustable and include a cover, attachment hardware, extended screws for accessory attachments and a free-form shell that can be adjusted to give support where it’s needed.

The Free Form site includes closeup photos showing the abundant possibilities, for this system, from relatively standard configurations to configurations that are highly customized to accommodate asymmetries – but can still be easily changed.

“The gallery page will be a good tool for us to show clinicians and dealers the different configurations, and they can take guidance from that when doing their own fittings,” Hannah said.

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