CGS Opens New Fax Line & Address for Appeals

CGS, Medicare’s Jurisdiction C DME MAC, has a new fax line and address for providers to use for overpayment appeals.

The fax line and address go directly to the DME MAC’s appeals department. The fax number is (615) 244-5907. The new address is CGS, Overpayment Appeals, P.O. Box 23917, Nashville, TN 37202.

In addition, CGS recommended that providers “immediately refund the requested amount” to avoid accruing interest, and suggested providers use the online Redetermination Request Form. On the form, providers should select “Yes” in the overpayment appeal portion, then indicate who requested the overpayment, such as the Comprehensive Error Rate Testing contractor or the Recovery Audit Contractor.

Providers can then follow directions to fax or mail in the appeal.

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