Comfort Company Offers Affordable Pressure Mapping System

Comfort Company is now offering what it calls an easy-to-use and affordable pressure mapping system for seating & wheeled mobility professionals.

Introduced to Comfort Company dealers this fall, the BodiTrak LT system comes with a tablet and app-based software, and operates in two modes: On-the-Go and Simple Seating Wizard.

Pricing includes the pressure mat, a 10-inch ASUS tablet and a protective case for the system.

In explaining why Comfort Company decided to offer the BodiTrak LT and where the system came from, VP of Marketing Eric Murphy told Mobility Management, “Over the years, we have found that so many clinics were unable to afford a pressure mapper and/or have an old unit that doesn’t function as well as they would hope. We also came to realize that many of the traditional pressure mapping units were very cumbersome and difficult to use. They offered countless measurements that many therapists and providers didn’t necessarily understand.”

BodiTrakLT300As the company looked into a suitable solution, Murphy said Comfort Company discovered that those using pressure mapping systems were more interested “with the colors of the map vs. the scientific numbers.”

In response, BodiTrak LT’s On-the-Go mode assesses the client’s situation over time while on the seating surface. The Simple Seating Wizard tool shows and compares up to four images simultaneously so the seating team can assess, for instance, one cushion’s pressure-relieving performance vs. another’s.

Those operating processes were important, Murphy said, given that Comfort Company’s goal was to offer a pressure mapping system that was affordable enough to be within the reach of all seating professionals.

“We also aimed to keep the product simple for the people who make decisions based on colors and personal expertise – while still offering the technical data – and portable (tablet based) for people who need to use it in multiple settings and locations,” he said.

“We want every facility and dealer to have access to a pressure mapper to assist in their seating evaluations. It is our hope that this effort will ultimately lead to more patients getting the correct product right from the start!”

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