Comfort Company Rehab Backrests Now Compatible with TRU-Balance 3 Seating

Thanks to a new mounting bracket, all Comfort Company Acta series rehab backrests are now compatible with Quantum Rehab’s TRU-Balance 3 seating system.

The TRU-Balance 3 (TB3) mounting option is now available for all wheelchair backrests in the Acta series, which includes the Acta-Relief, Acta-Embrace, Acta-Back, Acta-Contour and Acta-Back Deep models.


A new mounting bracket makes Acta series backs compatible with Quantum Rehab's TRU-Balance 3 seating.

“Our TB3 hardware opens up power positioning options without eating up seat depth and allowing the anti-shear mechanism of the base to function as it should,” said Comfort Company’s Director of Clinical Education, Stacey Mullis, OTR/L, ATP. “For patients with significant tone or postural deformity, an Acta-Back Deep could be used to provide the heavy support where it is needed. For a patient with a significant kyphosis or very low tone, an Acta-Relief back can be used to conform to the user’s shape and provide maximum pressure distribution and support.

“The new TB3 mounting option opens up a whole new world of possibilities for therapists to truly choose the best back for their patients’ needs.”

A Comfort Company news announcement said the new mounting bracket “allows a complete spectrum of rehab back options to be integrated directly onto the TRU-Balance 3 seating system.” The bracket was designed specifically with power chair users in mind.

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