Convaid Names Brand Ambassadors

Convaid has announced its list of North American ambassadors for 2016.

Ambassadors are Convaid product users who will appear at Abilities Expo and other events on behalf of Convaid, as well as share their experiences with Convaid’s online community via blog posts and videos.

Ambassadors’ stories may also participate in clinical case studies to help to promote education and conversation in special needs communities, Convaid said in the news announcement.

The 2016 Convaid ambassadors are:

-- Pacheco family, New Jersey: They’re working to raise awareness of Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, a genetic condition.

-- Cobb family, California: Smiley Miles, resident of San Francisco, is the star of his family’s blog, Smiles for Miles.

-- Hamilton family, California: Emerson, 4, and her family will be representing Convaid at the Los Angeles Abilities Expo venue.

-- Winegarger family, Florida: Blake, 5, uses a Convaid Cruiser in his Palm Beach Gardens community.

-- Cervara family, Pennsylvania: Sammy won a Convaid Trekker last year and will attend Convaid events with Mom, Ashley.

-- Dahl family, Kansas: 2015 Trekker winner Kelsey will attend Convaid events in Kansas and Texas.

-- Garrison family, Illinois/Indiana: Kyla, 2, is the youngest ambassador and a Convaid Cruiser owner. She and her mom, Lynn, will be at Convaid events in the Midwest.

-- Lymer family, Canada: Teagan, a Convaid Rodeo user and the first Canadian ambassador, will participate in Walk of Autism Speaks and other Ontario events.

-- Warden family, Colorado: Matt, a Convaid Cruiser owner, and his mom, Stacy, are establishing a not-for-profit resource for families looking to recycle their Convaid products so they’re available for other users.

Nanneke Dinklo, Convaid’s global marketing & business development director, said of the program, “The Ambassador Program is an important part of our community outreach. Not only are our ambassadors faithful brand fans, they are Convaid’s eyes and ears on the ground in their various treatment sectors. They contribute valuable product and community insights which we use for research and development to deliver improvements and new products.”

Convaid, based in Torrance, Calif., manufactures seating & wheeled mobility products for kids and adults. The company was purchased in December by Etac AB.

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