Mobility Ventures Creates “Empire Taxi” Model for New York

No other American city is so closely associated with taxicabs as New York. Those fleets of yellow and green vehicles are part of the city’s life blood – and Mobility Ventures has acknowledged the importance of the city’s taxicabs by unveiling a model especially designed for drivers and passengers.

Mobility Ventures’ new MV-1 Empire Taxi is wheelchair accessible, just like its MV-1 forebear. But in a news announcement, Mobility Ventures said the Empire Taxi also “provides more legroom and luggage space than any other taxi vehicle operating in New York City.”

The Empire Taxi features a built-in, side-entry ramp and seats up to five passengers, including up to two wheelchair users at a time.

To celebrate the new model, Mobility Ventures is offering a driver incentive bonus match to encourage New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) drivers to give the car a try. Mobility Ventures is also offering discounted pricing to drivers.

The TLC is providing taxicab drivers a grant of $14,000 that can be used to purchase any wheelchair-accessible vehicle. Mobility Ventures says that would bring the cost of an Empire Taxi down to $19,000.

Drivers who use wheelchair-accessible vehicles will also be eligible for more TLC incentives, including an extra payment of 50 cents per pickup.

The manufacturer will match that 50-cent bonus for the first 25 drivers who purchase an MV-1 Empire Taxi, Mobility Ventures said.

Mobility Ventures Executive VP Pat Kemp said of the new model, “The unmatched safety, reliability and ease of use of the MV-1 Empire Taxi, combined with this new incentive program, makes it the best choice for taxi drivers and fleet owners now making the switch to a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.”

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