Mobility Management Kicks Off Best Picks 2016 Program

Mobility Management’s sixth annual Best Picks contest is underway. Here’s a chance for ATPs and seating & mobility clinicians to make their voices heard.

The Best Picks program is unique because ATPs and clinicians who work with these products every day are the ones who make the nominations. Each year, ATPs and clinicians are asked to choose their “go-to” product solutions in a range of complex rehab technology and mobility categories:

-- Power chairs: Group 2 or 3, plus accessories (positioning, electronics, drive controls, etc.).

-- Manual chairs: ultralightweight; caregiver-propelled chairs with positioning (tilt/recline); or stroller-style chairs.

-- Power-assist systems for manual wheelchairs.

-- Wheelchair seat cushions.

-- Wheelchair seat backs.

-- Custom/highly adjustable seating systems, including custom-molded seating.

-- Standers/standing frames and gait trainers.

-- Pediatric mobility, including walking aids, car seats, seating systems/activities chairs, etc.

-- Positioning components, such as laterals, harnesses, headrests, armrests, footplates, etc.

-- Power and manual positioning systems, including tilt, recline, elevating legrests, seat elevation.

-- Wheelchair performance components, such as aftermarket wheels, tires, suspension items, handrims.

Mobility Management is taking entries from readers through May 18, 2016. You can submit any number of Best Picks – you do not need to submit one from each category.

For each Best Pick, please include the following:

-- Your name

-- Your company name

-- Your title, and are you an ATP or clinician?

-- Name of product

-- Manufacturer name

-- Description of WHY you’re choosing the product, i.e., which of the product’s features or benefits are most helpful to you and your clients.

--ATPs working for manufacturers or distributors may nominate a product from the company with which they are affiliated IF they also nominate an additional product from a manufacturer with whom they have no affiliation.

--Send your Best Picks to editor Laurie Watanabe at

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