“I Am CRT” Campaign Shows the Personal Side of the Industry

A new awareness campaign and Web site seek to show the personal side of people with various mobility-related disabilities who use complex rehab technology (CRT).

At IAmCRT.com, visitors can watch brief videos of consumers who explain how CRT impacts their everyday lives. The site invites other consumers to share their personal experiences as well by uploading their own videos.

The site launched in mid June, and its impetus, said Mark E. Smith, was to give an additional dimension to industry awareness efforts, which most often aim to educate policy-makers about what CRT is and how it differs from typical durable medical equipment.

In comparison, IAmCRT.com will make CRT more personal.

In a video on the site, Smith, a power wheelchair user since childhood due to cerebral palsy, said, “It’s not just about CRT as technology; it’s really about what CRT means to our lives.”

And that’s the reason Smith launched the site. Though he is the general manager of public relations for Pride Mobility Products and Quantum Rehab, the IAmCRT.com site isn’t affiliated with any manufacturer or organization.

Instead, Smith is seeking consumers’ stories and experiences, noting that the new site is also “about encouraging each other. All of us with disabilities can always gain a little inspiration from each other.”

About the Author

Laurie Watanabe is the editor of Mobility Management. She can be reached at lwatanabe@1105media.com.

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