Quantum Rehab Launches New Web Site

Quantum Rehab has launched a new Web site in response to “the expanding content and application wishes of complex rehab consumers, clinicians and providers.”

The new QuantumRehab.com re-launched with enhanced virtual access to the manufacturer’s products.

Social media plays a huge role in the revamped site, with visitors being invited to follow Quantum Rehab’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and to watch the manufacturer’s YouTube channel, which includes videos of consumers using Quantum Rehab products, and informational videos about the technology.

Click on the Products section of the Web site and see Quantum Rehab technology in expanded ways. Visitors can view products from all angles and can zoom in for closer inspections, all via mouse. Product brochures and owner’s manuals are available to download from the product pages, and compatible accessories and options, plus technical specifications and videos, are all gathered on the page to make it easy to explore a product in depth.

In a news announcement of the re-launch, Ed Gillespie, GM of Web development and applications, said, “From a technology perspective, we had two primary goals: To have exceptional access to vast product information and resources, and to have it accessible from almost any device. The rehab professionals working in the field rely more and more on mobile devices, so we’ve invested heavily in creating the new Web site to function optimally across the widest range of platforms. They have full access to the site on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.”

Megan Kutch, director of Quantum product marketing, added that consumers are at the forefront of the new site. “We know that complex rehab consumers seek our products both out of medical need and to pursue the most socially inclusive lives possible, so we’ve designed the site to be as user-centric as possible,” she said. “We also wanted clear content representative of the everyday lives our consumers live.”

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