Etac Combines R82 & Convaid Brands

Etac, owner of the pediatric R82 and Convaid seating & mobility lines, has announced that it has combined the two brands.

The integration follows the purchase of Convaid by Etac in December 2015.

In a July 19 bulletin, Etac said, “During the first six months, we have successfully combined the R82 and Convaid sales and marketing teams to bring you one premium pediatric product line to support your customers with the broadest offering to provide the child and their caregivers the greatest freedom and ability to go places. … We now have one integrated team and toll-free telephone number to handle all your pediatric needs, be it for products from the R82 or Convaid brand.”

The new ordering phone number is (844) US MOBILITY.

The Etac bulletin also noted that the pediatric group has expanded its business development department and reapportioned sales territories “to ensure that dealers have more frequent ongoing access to our sales team for better access and information on our products.”

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