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Bulldozer pushing legosSetting kids into motion — so they chase the dog, fight with siblings, grab things they shouldn’t — is the ultimate goal of early-intervention mobility. Keeping kids in motion — playing sports, rolling with friends, participating in school performances — is the goal as they grow. This special pediatric section reaches toward those goals in a number of ways, from showing off seating & mobility that supports and facilitates function, to getting specific with case studies and the clinical philosophy of 24-hour postural management.

Little Wave FlipLittle Wave Flip

Designed to make that first step toward early-intervention mobility more natural for both parents and child, the Little Wave Flip combines popular stroller design elements with the durability and functionality of a wheelchair. This chair offers tilt-in-space positioning in a system that’s easy to grow; the tube-in-tube seat rail design is modular so changes can be made without replacing parts. Seat widths from 10" to 18"; seat depths from 12" to 20".

Ki Mobility
(800) 981-1540

Custom SeatingCustom Seating

Seating that doesn’t match its user’s specific needs becomes more limiting than functional. Stealth Products creates custom linear seating using the highest-quality materials and pays close attention to detail to create the correct combination of base, foam and cover that meets the client’s current needs and also grows as needed. Standard and customized back packages, plus back inserts, are available.

Stealth Products
(800) 965-9229

R82 StingrayR82 Stingray

Adjustments, comfort and lightness in steering are key attributes of the Stingray wheelchair, which boasts a 180° turnable seat, even with the child seated. Angle adjustability makes it easy to find exactly the position that’s best for any user. With an efficient suspension and a safe and secure braking system, the R82 Stingray is easy to drive for parents while offering functional positioning for the child.


Bantam XS/SmallBantam XS/Small

EasyStand’s popular Bantam stander, with its famous combination sit-to-stand with supine positioning, is now available in extra-small and small sizes to fit your littlest clients measuring approximately 36" to 54" tall. Bantam offers infinite positioning between 90-90 seating, vertical standing with full extension, and supine/flat to load. A new supine/positioning controller makes changing positions even faster. New, smaller trays, including a swingaway shadow tray, are also now available.

(800) 342-8968

Hygiene & Toileting System (HTS)Hygiene & Toileting System (HTS)

Proper positioning can be crucial to successful toileting, for child and parents, and Rifton’s HTS strives to provide that optimal positioning. In addition, the open seat facilitates proper cleaning, and an adjustable headrest makes showering easier. The entire system is designed to be easy to keep clean, and it can be used on, over or off a standard or elongated toilet. Adjusts as the child grows.

(800) 571-8198

Folding Zippie IRISFolding Zippie IRIS

The Zippie Intelligent Rotation In Space (IRIS) wheelchair now comes with a folding option for a new dimension of compact, easy portability thanks to an XLOCK folding crossbrace. Zippie IRIS offers 40° or 55° rotation ranges, plus a rocker arm design that results in smooth, easy-to-control tilting within a compact wheelbase. A foot-release tilt actuator provides handsfree tilting without exposed cables. The angle-adjustable stroller handle fits parents of different heights.

Sunrise Medical
(800) 333-4000

558 ATOM Wireless Mouse Emulator558 ATOM Wireless Mouse Emulator

This wireless mouse emulator, created to pair with the ASL 104 ATOM Electronic Head Array, plugs directly into the USB port on a communication device or computer. Full mouse emulation can be achieved with just three switch inputs: Right moves the mouse cursor right/left on the screen. Forward moves the mouse up/down. Left controls left click, double click and drag. The wireless connection works directly with the 104 ATOM Electronic Head Array when it’s in the user switch mode.

Adaptive Switch Laboratories (ASL)
(800) 626-8698

JUNIOR Cushions & Back SupportsJUNIOR Cushions & Back Supports

Kids are not just miniature adults, which is why VARILITE used anthropometric data to create its JUNIOR line of seat cushions and back supports for active users. Seat cushions are available in a 10x10" size using Air-Foam Floatation. Back supports come in Mid or Deep configurations in a 10" size that fits chairs measuring 9" to 11". Backs use Air-Foam Floatation with pediatric-specific VariLock hardware.

(800) 827-4548

BORIS ChairBORIS Shower Commode Chair

This new, stylish and comfortable BORIS shower chair is available in five sizes and a range of seat widths to fit and support kids from birth into their teens. A UV-protected, PE plastic-molded seat shell gives strong upper-body support, while the stainless steel chassis can be set into a tilted position to provide rest. Gas cylinders smoothly tilt on demand, and the frame height adjusts easily to whatever toilet height is optimal. Positioning accessories include head support, cushioned seat insert, a safety bar/tray, footplates and a splash guard that also performs as an abductor.

Clarke Health Care Products
(888) 347-4537


Families can enjoy time outside and in their communities thanks to the Leggero REACH stroller. An innovative frame design enables tilt to be fixed at 10°, 20° and 30°, and hip angle can also be adjusted. LT seating provides contoured and configurable support to match the child’s needs, and the range of sizes (12", 14", 16" hip width sizes) ensures the proper fit for smaller and bigger kids.

Leggero LLC
(844) 503-5437

Otter Bath ChairOtter Bath Chair

Lightweight and capable of multiple positions, the Otter provides comfort and stability in a bathing chair that fits all standard tubs. It’s available in three sizes and made of a plastic frame that’s covered in standard or soft fabric that is removable and washable. The Otter system includes an adjustable head stabilizer, two positioning straps and leg straps. The seat and back are angle adjustable, with five positioning options. Folds flat when not in use.

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare
(877) 224-0946

Tarta BackrestsTarta Backrests

This ergonomic backrest uses state-of-the-art materials and design concepts to provide adaptable support that optimizes function for busy users, including busy children who experience a range of environments and activities every day.

Stealth Products
(800) 965-9229

ThevoSleepingStar AThevoSleepingStar A

The original ThevoSleepingStar support surface has wing suspensions to provide tiny movement impulses that calm children as they are in bed. The “active” A model additionally provides sensory support by providing the movement for children who cannot supply movement themselves. Choose Wave, Rotation, Inclined Plane or Static from the movement “menu” to reduce pressure, pain and spasms and improve quality of sleep. The quiet system ensures operation without disturbing the child’s rest.

Thomashilfen North America
(866) 870-2122

Q6 Edge & iLevelQ6 Edge 2.0 iLevel

Now kids can be at eye level with their peers, thanks to the Q6 Edge 2.0 power base and pediatric iLevel technology that provides complex rehab seating and power mobility. The system can include tilt, recline and a power articulating foot platform, plus iLevel seat elevation of up to 10" of lift while driving at up to 3.5 mph to keep up with pals. In 12x12" seat sizes and up.

Quantum Rehab
(866) 800-2002


This growable, rigid ultralightweight chair encourages exploration while providing a safe environment to learn new skills. The TWIST offers 2" of seat width growth plus 3" of seat depth growth, and requires no parts or growth kits. A 1" aluminum frame design makes for easy installation of seating components. A center-mounted push handle option allows Mom and Dad to lend a hand when needed. TWIST has a 165-lb. weight capacity.

(800) 545-2266

AllTrackP Series

The Alltrack P series pediatric configuration can be used on the Alltrack mid-wheel or R Hybrid power base to create just the right mobility system for active kids whose adventures take place indoors and outside. The interactive, six-wheel suspension plus seat suspension enhance the power chair’s stability, mobility and comfort. A wide range of powered seating options, including customized ones, is available.

(888) 453-0311

P.R.O. CG TiltP.R.O. CG Tilt

Freedom Designs’ tilt-in-space wheelchair is lightweight (34 lbs. in transport configuration) and compact (21.75" long), with simple adjustments for great maneuverability. The Precise Rotational Orientation makes the chair easy to push, tilt/untilt and turn to fit well into everyday environments and activities.

Freedom Designs/Invacare
(800) 333-6900

This article originally appeared in the August 2016 issue of Mobility Management.

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