Davin Wins Inaugural HME Woman of the Year Award

Kirsten Davin, OTD, OTR/L, ATP/SMS, has been named HME Woman of the Year by The VGM Group.

The announcement was made last week at Medtrade in Atlanta.

Davin – founder, co-owner and president of Precision Seating Solutions in Medford, N.J., which manufactures a pressure mapping system – was presented with the award by VGM CEO Mike Mallaro. VGM created the award this year.

In a news announcement, Mallaro said, “On behalf of VGM, I am proud to present the HME Woman of the Year award to Kirsten. Women have always been central to the fabric of the healthcare system, including in our field -- medical equipment, assistive technology and services which allow the frail, the elderly, the disabled and others the dignity to stay in their home and the freedom to live an active, quality life. Thank you, Dr. Davin, for being a trailblazer in our industry.”

VGM narrowed an initial list of 37 nominees to four finalists, announced in October. The other finalists were Patricia Mastandrea, Rose Schafhauser and Laurie Tomaszewski.

In accepting the award, Davin said, “It is a great honor that someone like me is recognized. A younger woman, 37 years old from a small town, via a grassroots method built a company that now has global distribution. The fact that we’re recognized for that is amazing.”

She described industry response to the award at Medtrade as “amazing.”

“In just the last few hours, the platform the Woman of the Year Award has given me has been incredible,” she noted. “I've spoken with so many people just this morning about the importance of patient advocacy, equipment obtainment and other critical current topics. I look forward to using this platform over the next year to bring focus to rehabilitation industry issues.”

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