Quantum Rehab Hits Facebook Milestone

Quantum Rehab has logged more than 15,000 likes and followers, the complex rehab technology manufacturer has reported.

Quantum Rehab launched its Facebook page in 2012 and updates the site daily with content ranging from information on new products to news and community events. Visitors can also contact Quantum Rehab directly via the site.

Megan Kutch, director of Quantum Rehab marketing, said of the milestone, “We’ve participated on Facebook to connect with consumers, clinicians and providers in ways that cover our products, but also tie into disability culture. We use our Quantum Facebook page to keep all informed on product advancements, but we also post a lot of human-interest content. This mixture, along with direct consumer interaction, has made the Quantum Facebook page a true place for online disability culture. We strive for our page to inform, inspire and connect.”

Kutch said the manufacturer’s Facebook page also gives consumers an avenue to be heard.

“We’ve been equally fortunate in that our daily Facebook involvement creates a comfortable space for consumers to communicate their needs,” she noted. “In this way, Facebook allows us an opportunity to not just post, but to more importantly listen to those we serve.”

Visit facebook.com/QuantumRehab/.

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