NCART Prepares for Summer Membership Drive

NCART is preparing for a summertime membership drive, part of an ongoing effort to engage more complex rehab technology (CRT) stakeholders on a number of policy and legislative issues that impact the industry.

From July through September, NCART will run a campaign to add CRT suppliers and manufacturers to its membership list.

The membership drive coincides with an upgrade to the association’s Web site, with a goal of providing clearer messaging about NCART’s goal: To preserve and improve access to CRT. The site will also allow referral sources and consumers to identify NCART-qualified CRT suppliers in each state.

While NCART does regularly work with other industry and consumer organizations on common issues, NCART exclusively focuses on complex rehab, which enables the organization to target its message and advocacy efforts. The summer membership drive will emphasize the importance of belonging to an industry organization that concentrates all its efforts on CRT.

NCART’s ongoing efforts include establishing a separate Medicare benefit category for CRT, and stopping funding cuts for all accessories used on complex rehab wheelchairs.

NCART currently offers supplier and manufacturer memberships with dues based on revenue. Friends of NCART can join for a flat fee. Click HERE for more information on membership.

“We’re looking forward to reaching out to the CRT industry to generate new members and needed support,” Clayback said. “While we’ve had some wins, we need more organizations to join so we can continue to build on our progress and, most importantly, address an increasing list of CRT access challenges.”

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