ROVI Awards Universal Design Scholarship

Jacob Titus, a student at Burlington County Institute of Technology (BCIT) in New Jersey, has received an assistive technology scholarship from ROVI Mobility Products.

Titus was named the 2017 Design Innovation Award winner and received a $1500 prize to put toward his education.

scholarship winner Jacob Titus

Cody Verrett, right, presents scholarship to BCIT student Jacob Titus.

In his entry, Titus said, “The hidden platform lift works by moving the platform, which is typically in plain sight, and [hiding] it underneath the stairs and floor. This gives the lift many advantages: For instance, motor size on wheelchair lifts today cannot be as large due to the size constraints. This design, however, does not have these constraints and instead allows for a much larger motor to be installed.”

understairs lift concept

The winning design features a lift that stays hidden when not in use.

Cody Verrett, ROVI’s president, said in a news announcement, “The students at BCIT are an inspiration, and it’s exciting to promote the principles of universal design and assistive technology with them each year. Jacob’s concept for an elevator built into an existing staircase was outstanding.”

Verrett pointed out that BCIT students helped to create the test track that ROVI used to demonstrate its X3 power wheelchair at a 2015 launch party.

“The process of working with the kids gave spark to this scholarship,” Verrett said. “It’s been a fun way to give back and help promote the assistive technology industry with these bright young people.”

Titus is currently a junior at BCIT and expects to graduate in 2018.

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