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When CRT Goes Retail

For Some Products, the Retail Option Cuts Through Funding Red Tape

CRT Retail


Funding challenges — from Medicaid, Medicare, private payors — are everyday issues for seating and mobility clinicians and providers. But not every complex rehab technology (CRT) product goes the usual claim-and-wait route. Whether it’s because a product doesn’t have a payable HCPCS code, or whether a consumer simply wants to cut through the red tape and speed up delivery, retail CRT is a category unto itself. And thanks to engineering advances, innovative products that outpace codes and funding policies, and consumers willing to spend personal dollars to improve their quality of life, this is a segment of CRT that could see growth upcoming.

iLevel by Quantum Rehab

iLevel by Quantum RehabiLevel seat elevation technology provides independence-based, quality-of-life power mobility. Featuring exclusive Extra Stability Technology, iLevel allows up to 12" of seat elevation at walking speeds up to 3.5 mph for true social integration. From increased functionality in the home to within the community, iLevel dramatically increases access to activities of daily living. Whether reaching a closet rack, sitting at a high-top table or socializing eye-to-eye in a standing crowd, iLevel puts the world within reach. Additionally, iLevel comes standard with integrated fender lights for enhanced community use and safety. iLevel is available exclusively on Quantum power chairs.

Said Julie Piriano, PT, ATP/SMS, Quantum’s VP of clinical education & Rehab Industry Affairs & Compliance Officer: “While we are continuing to make significant headway with coverage and reimbursement for iLevel by third-party payors, it is not universally accepted as a covered benefit yet. However, once consumers experience the iLevel difference, many are more than willing to find a way to pay out of pocket if their insurance company denies it.”

Quantum Rehab
(866) 800-2002


SoftWheelThe SoftWheel in-wheel suspension technology reinvents the wheel to help reduce pain and increase comfort for full-time ultralightweight chair users.

In-wheel shock absorbers automatically switch between providing rigidity and cushioning, lowering the severity of shock and vibration, reducing pain and fatigue, and increasing comfort. In-wheel suspension, created by three suspension arms built inside the wheel rim, absorbs shocks from any direction. They remain perfectly rigid over flat terrain, yet offer unparalleled cushioning for everything from going over a carpet threshold in the house to navigating bumpy pavement outside or traveling off-road. Rapid shock-reset allows the shocks to engage quickly when needed, providing better chair control while also conserving momentum to make it easier to push.

Adaptive rigidity technology keeps the wheel’s three suspension arms perfectly rigid and strong, like spokes. When encountering bumpy or uneven terrain, the arms automatically compress to absorb the shock, making the wheels do the work instead of the user. SoftWheel rims are available in two models, magnesium and aluminum, and are constructed as single-piece rigid forms for added strength. Based in Tel Aviv, SoftWheel products are sold exclusively in the United States by Numotion.

(877) 876-5332


NessieNessie is the perfect companion for any child in need of assistance with proactive positioning and functional movement. Whether working with a therapist or practicing at home, the Nessie offers the clinical benefits the child needs, with a look that is warm, fun and engaging.

Designed for early intervention, the Nessie provides assistance with a wide range of positioning options for the child, including crawling on all fours, lying down, and sitting in various positions. Available in Seahorse Green, Pool Blue and Mermaid Pink, the Nessie comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

Inspired by Drive
(800) 454-6612

SofTech Basic

SofTech BasicThe SofTech Basic is a standardized automatic cushion that uses two groups of air bladders that alternate to interrupt the constant pressure from sitting. This provides pressure relief needed to prevent pressure injury caused by constant pressure.

The ischial and sacral areas are made extra soft for comfort, while the rest of the cushion gently massages the posterior.

This cushion operates via a single switch. The cushion material is waterproof, coated foam that prevents bottoming out. All components, such as battery and pump, are built into the cushion for convenience and a clean look. The SofTech Basic weighs about 5 lbs., can be used on any chair, and is battery operated (with more than 25 hours of service on a charge). A digital voltage meter on the remote shows battery status.

Three standard sizes are available, but custom configurations or sizes can be produced at an upcharge. The standard, noncustomized SofTech Basic has no code; a custom-made version is coded E2609. A rent-to-own option is available.

Aquila Corp.
(866) 782-9658

Extreme X8

Extreme X8The Magic Mobility Extreme X8 off-road 4x4 can handle just about any destination, through sand or snow and up or down curbs. Tremendous off-road performance and reliability make it perfect for outdoor adventurers, explorers and rural workers.

With a top speed of 6.5 mph, the Extreme X8 combines rugged construction with hightorque gear in-line motors. Articulated frame technology helps keep all four driving wheels on the ground as the 14" low-pressure tires give the traction required to overcome what some say is impossible.

This wheelchair is compatible with various aftermarket and Innovation In Motion seating options, including MPS seating and various models in the Magic Rehab line.

The Extreme X8 is rugged enough to get through deep sand and bumpy backwoods, but compact enough to take on a plane.

Innovation In Motion
(260) 665-2769

Universal Elastic Strap

Universal Elastic StrapLike other Bodypoint supports, the machine wash/dry Universal Elastic Strap (UES) meets standards for abrasion and life-cycle testing for confident positioning anywhere. Choose from three widths (3", 4.5", 6"), each 56" long with an optional 28" extension. The extension can also be used on its own, e.g. for pediatric lower-extremity anterior support.

The no-mount UES fastens hook-and-loop-style, using an easygrasp end tab with an oversized thumb hole. Unlike makeshift belts, it protects circulation and skin integrity while providing stability. The cushioned neoprene with soft nylon loop fabric cuts to size without fraying and won’t snag clothes. Contrasting colors cue “right side out” instantly.

The UES can be wrapped around the user’s chest, core, upper or lower legs, where it can function on its own or wrap around a wheelchair, vehicle seat, stander, exerciser, bike, shower chair, pool float/chair — anywhere extra support is needed.

Codes: E0978 if worn on pelvis, E0960 on chest, K0038 on upper legs, E0995 around calves, but as temporary positioning, often self-paid.

(800) 547-5716

JAY J3 HV Back

JAY J3 HV BackSkin temperature is important to your client’s well-being and could help avoid skin breakdown, yet it is difficult to manage. By combining the comfort and reliability of the JAY J3 Back with heating/ventilation (HV) technology, your clients will be able to manage their own microclimates and be more comfortable.

Is a client hot or sweating? Flip the switch to turn on ventilation. Internal microfans cycle fresh air throughout the back to dissipate moisture. The JAY J3 HV Back optimizes airflow via the use of 3DX spacer fabric and specially designed vents.

Is your client cold? Flip to turn on heating and gently warm the entire back. The heating system is equipped with an automatic shutoff so the client stays warm and secure. The HV Back safely works in all environments, including unexpected watery conditions. Years of automotive industry design experience are incorporated into the JAY J3 HV Back, and it has been tested to wheelchair industry standards for conditions outside of a vehicle. The HV insert is powered by a rechargeable battery for eight hours of continued use.

The HV insert is not coded; the J3 PA Back is E2613; the J3 PL Back is E2615; the J3PD Back is E2620.

Sunrise Medical
(800) 333-4000


TEK RMDMatia Robotics is dedicated to the creation of innovative robotic mobility devices. The TEK Robotic Mobilization Device (TEK RMD) is sold exclusively in the United States by Numotion. It’s a compact motorized standing movement device created to add more freedom to the lives of individuals with paralysis, allowing them to live in places not designed for them, move more independently, and interact with the world at eye level. It covers less than half the space of a small wheelchair, which allows users to pass through many narrow spaces. The upright position leaves the user’s hands free to perform many daily tasks unassisted.

Users are able to board from the back unassisted. Once boarded, the suspension system contains a gas spring mechanism that balances the weight of the user, requiring only a gentle pull to enter a standing position, and once standing, a joystick control allows the user to control direction. A remote control feature sends the device away and calls it back.

(877) 876-5332

P Pod

P PodThe P Pod is a result of parents clamoring for an alternative seating device at home that would provide all the clinical benefits their children need, while allowing them to actively participate with their families. The P Pod does just that.

Through its vibrant colors and bean bag-like design, the P Pod offers a warm and engaging look with a specially molded foam liner that provides outstanding positional support and comfort.

There are three components to the P Pod: the Positioning Pod, a molded foam liner that provides optimal postural support; the Bolster Support, which assists with upright positioning; and a bean bag base. The P Pod is suitable for all ages.

Inspired by Drive
(800) 454-6612

REV Wheels

REV WheelsRowheels’ REV Wheels are pull-based propulsion, a first-of-its-kind system designed to minimize factors that contribute to shoulder injury and pain. Whether you choose the quickness and responsiveness of the REV-HX or the REV-LX that requires less energy to use, clients can use and strengthen shoulder and back muscles neglected by standard push wheeling and experience posture improvements. Rowheels are coded E2227.

Rowheels Inc.
(608) 268-9670

ADI CF Backs

ADI CF BacksCreated by an active wheelchair user for active wheelchair users, ADI’s carbon fiber backs are built to offer optimal support in a minimalist design that doesn’t weigh a wheelchair down or slow down its owner. With a range of support contours (Active 2.5" or Deep 4") and heights (10", 13" and 16"), the carbon fiber backrests fit chairs from 13" through 19" wide while weighing about 28 ounces (for a 15" wide, standard height shell, cushion and cover). The backrest line is compatible with Fixed Elite, 2-Point Pro and Quick-Release mounting systems so clinicians, ATPs and consumers can choose the best configuration every time.

The great carbon fiber aesthetics, of course, shine through in all configurations.

Accessible Designs Inc./Stealth Products
(888) 684-2234


TRAMThe Rifton TRAM is a transfer and mobility device that delivers three functions in one compact unit: gait training, sit-to-stand transfers and seated transfers.

The lightweight, compact frame is easy to maneuver in tight spaces, and TRAM’s optional built-in scale allows you to track a client’s weight bearing during gait training or to weigh a client during a transfer. A telescoping lift column gives the TRAM a low profile and provides clients with the security and dignity of unobstructed eye contact with caregivers and their surroundings. TRAM’s 350-pound weight capacity and a huge range of adjustment accommodate a wide range of sizes and body types. An innovative support system secures the patient with a single buckle, making it possible for one caregiver to transfer a client.

(845) 658-7714

This article originally appeared in the August 2017 issue of Mobility Management.

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