NSM Launches New Brand Identity

National Seating & Mobility (NSM) has announced a new brand identity, along with an updated company vision and mission statement.

The national complex rehab technology provider worked with referral sources, clients, payors and its employees to develop a new company logo and tagline that reflect NSM's vision and goals.

NSM logo

"NSM has been on a trajectory of growth and evolution over the last several years," said NSM CEO Bill Mixon in a news announcement, "and it is important to ensure that our branding genuinely reflects who we are and where we are going as a company. This branding initiative is a powerful way for us to convey to the marketplace our brand story and tap into the passion that drives us to serve our clients with excellence. We are especially proud to have had our clients play a role in supporting this effort."

A Wheelchair in Motion

The new NSM logo is two-toned blue and depicts a wheelchair in motion.

"The lowercase n represents the national scope of the company's work," NSM said in its announcement. "The bottom half of the logo reflects a person with uplifted arms meant to reinforce the company's client-centered commitment."

The provider's new tagline - "Let's Get Moving" - "captures NSM's mission to serve clients by providing independence and self-reliance and is an internal rallying cry for the company as a whole."

NSM's accompanying marketing campaign will define and demonstrate what the provider is calling "the heart of the client-centric company." New marketing materials will feature NSM clients and will celebrate their personal mobility and independence while highlighting the expertise of NSM's Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs).

NSM also introduced a new set of core values - Honor, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, Teamwork and Service - that forms the acronym HEARTS.

Comprehensive Redesign

The news announcement said the new branding program is "the most comprehensive redesign since the company was founded in 1991."

A new nsmletsgetmoving.com Web site will tell NSM's brand story and explain the company's mission.

Nearly 2,000 complex rehab technology stakeholders contributed to NSM's rebranding efforts.

"Our core values were crafted as a reminder to always have our clients' best interests at heart," Mixon said. "These values are the lifeblood of our company, shaping our culture, supporting our vision and guiding everything we do."

NSM is headquartered in Franklin, Tenn., but the company has branch offices located across the United States, including in Alaska and Hawaii. NSM has been growing rapidly and has both acquired existing complex rehab technology providers and formed new branch offices on its own. Each office has at least one senior-level ATP on staff.

The company's annual symposium, which combines education and leadership events with an industry expo hall, is scheduled for March in Orlando.

In addition to its complex rehab technology business, NSM has a home and vehicle accessibility division called AccessNSM, which provides stairlifts, wheelchair ramps, vehicle lifts, lift chairs, door openers, patient lifts, wheelchair platform lifts and bathroom/hygiene equipment. The rapidly growing division currently has 18 locations in regions that include Charlotte, N.C., Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, New York City, Philadelphia and Salt Lake City.

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