Seating Dynamics Launches Suspension Line

Seating and positioning manufacturer Seating Dynamics has launched a Dynamic Suspension Systems product line for manual wheelchairs.

The Colorado-based company is best known for its dynamic components, which help to keep wheelchair users optimally positioned, even when tone, for example, causes those users to push against seating components.

The newest Seating Dynamics components fit Quickie and Zippie IRIS manual tilt wheelchairs, but the company's news announcement said it plans "to make these suspension systems available for more chair models in the near future."

As for the latest suspension product line, Seating Dynamics owner Greg Peek said, "Adding a suspension system was a natural fit. Our dynamic footrests, back interface and headrests address many issues, but the whole-body shock caused by vibrations from bumps and cracks has not previously been addressed. Rear wheel suspension can greatly reduce the external forces which ultimately result in neck and back pain, loss of positioning, fatigue and high tone."

Peek said that the new Dynamic Suspension System "does for a wheelchair what springs and shock absorbers do for all other forms of wheeled vehicles: It transfers the motion to the absorption system rather than the rider, protecting the user from adverse health effects - especially pain - and providing for a smoother ride and an increased sitting tolerance."

For more information on the new Dynamic Suspension System, visit Seating Dynamics online.

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