BraunAbility Campaign Targets Parking Abuse

A new educational campaign by BraunAbility seeks to draw attention to the too-common abuse of parking reserved for people with disabilities.

As part of its support for National Mobility Awareness Month, celebrated every May, the accessible vehicle manufacturer created an infographic to help teach consumers how disabled parking spaces should be used.

In particular, the BraunAbility “Save My Spot” campaign focuses on the blue-striped areas adjacent to some parking spaces, and strives to educate all drivers on the differences between general disabled parking spaces and accessible van parking spaces.

infographic of parking rules

In a news announcement, BraunAbility pointed out that 42 percent of Americans surveyed did not know that blue-striped spaces are reserved for wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

BraunAbility’s campaign also seeks to teach drivers that wheelchair-accessible vehicles require additional room so ramps can be deployed and used.

Chris Carlisle, VP of marketing at BraunAbility, pointed out that as wheelchairs get larger, their users need more room to maneuver when entering and exiting motor vehicles.

In the survey, 74 percent of participants said they’d seen disabled parking spaces misused.

To support the Save My Spot campaign, BraunAbility has provided its dealers with awareness kits that include window stickers, Save My Spot “parking tickets,” and information about properly using parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities.

You can download the printable “parking tickets” and the infographic by visiting BraunAbility’s Web site:

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