VGM Launches Certification Program for Technicians

The VGM Group has launched a new certification organization for DME and complex rehab technology (CRT) technicians.

The Durable Medical Equipment Repair and Training Group (DMERT) was created “to establish standardized training guidelines and provide proper certification for repair technicians,” VGM said in a news announcement. “The organization’s training is separated into three levels, each covering the different types of equipment, and will be used to prove techs’ understanding of the industry and equipment they repair.”

U.S. Rehab, VGM Education and FIOS DME Repair Training worked together to develop DMERT Group-certified technician courses. After taking the online courses, techs can take DMERT exams to earn certification.

The DMERT Group Web site notes that the DME and CRT industries currently employ about 11,000 technicians nationwide, with greater demand for technicians expected as Baby Boomers continue to age and wheelchair use increases by up to 25 percent as a result.

The non-profit DMERT Group offers three levels of technician certification. Certification at Level 1 indicates proficiency with “basic medical equipment,” defined as walkers, manual wheelchairs, hospital beds, scooters and Group 2 power wheelchairs.

Certification at Level 2 requires proficiency at servicing CRT manual wheelchairs, Group 3 power chairs, and basic seating installations and adjustments. Level 2 certification will be available starting in September.

Technicians certified at Level 3 are qualified to teach tech courses at community colleges and other approved training venues.

U.S. Rehab President Greg Packer, a member of DMERT’s Executive Oversight Board, emphasized the key role that technicians play in the DME and CRT industries.

“We’re excited to announce the addition of the DMERT Group as a resource to ensure quality standards which will further strengthen the credibility of repair technicians — who are intelligent, focused and repair-minded individuals,” Packer said. “This organization has a firm foundation and is advancing the certification for repair technicians that work in the DME and CRT arena.”

To achieve DMERT certification, technicians must pass both written exams and a “hands-on competency exam,” which the news announcement describes as testing the technician’s execution against quality standards within a prescribed timeframe.

“With the establishment of the DMERT Group and its certification process, we are making our industry a better place to work and improving the well-being of our customers,” Packer added. “The two-pronged approach will help ensure the credibility and competence of the CRT industry at the level needed to protect its integrity.”

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