Symmetric Designs’ Free Form Seating Receives HCPCS Code

Free Form Seating from Symmetric Designs now has the E2617 HCPCS code for custom-fabricated wheelchair back cushions.

Unlike traditional custom-molded seating systems, Free Form Seating incorporates a modular, adjustable design to the back and can be dialed in to each client’s specific needs, including positioning challenges such as asymmetries.

Sam Hannah, ATP, Executive VP of Symmetric Designs, said of the Free Form seating system, “When a seating system no longer fits a patient, it can lead to complications such as worsening postures and pressure wounds. If a client has a flexible deformity, weight fluctuations or potential for postural changes, they should have a seating system that can be adjusted to give appropriate support and pressure distribution where and when needed. When the seating system is 100-percent adjustable and modular such as Free Form is, the patient benefits from continuing appropriate postural support that can adapt to their changing needs. This results in better clinical outcomes.”

Hannah said Free Form’s adjustability also takes some of the pressure off seating specialists to get a custom seating system locked down exactly on the very first try.

“Free Form is complex seating, simplified,” he said. “We’ve put a lot of effort into creating a custom seating product that ATPs, seating therapists and technicians can confidently and easily work with. The modularity and ability to make small or large changes to the contouring and positioning, all with one tool, eliminates guesswork and the need to account for change between the time of the prescription and the fitting. The included 4mm hex key is used for adjusting every component of Free Form. You can even try out different contours and postures for clients, all with one system! There is no risk to getting it wrong, just use the tool to adjust as needed.”

To further customize Free Form for each client, Symmetric Designs offers optional Stimulite padding from Supracor, as well as a breathable cover that contours to the back’s open shell design.

“Clients that benefit from Free Form are those that need a custom backrest that will adapt to their changing needs,” Hannah said. “This includes children, clients with weight fluctuations, and those with fixed or flexible postural deformities that need an intimately contoured custom backrest.”

To watch a Free Form fitting in action, visit the Symmetric Designs Web site:

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