Quantum Rehab Launches iLevel Consumer Web Site

Quantum Rehab has launched a new Web site for consumers who use its iLevel power adjustable seat height system — and for power wheelchair users who want to learn more about the technology.

LifeatiLevel.com includes videos of iLevel in action, as well as snapshots of users living their lives using iLevel.

Megan Kutch, Director of Quantum Marketing, said in a news announcement, “We wanted to create a dedicated Web site for consumers. It’s not a typical Web site you’d expect for a product, but a place where we will share the stories of those who use life-changing iLevel technology. With over 20,000 people using iLevel and that number steadily growing, we anticipate lifeatilevel.com to become a site people will feel a part of.”

The site collects stories of people using iLevel, and visitors to the site can also see current iLevel users golfing, doing household chores, working and baby-sitting.

Since introducing the iLevel system several years ago, Quantum Rehab has worked hard on educating payors and policy makers on the benefits of power adjustable seat height.

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