Amylior Announces Tree-Planting Partnership

You probably know Amylior for its Amysystems power wheelchairs or its Amyseat power positioning options. Maybe you even know about CG Air, Amylior’s new air-cell seat cushion line.

Now, Amylior has announced another goal: To care for the planet via a brand-new conservation partnership.

At last week’s International Seating Symposium in Pittsburgh, Amylior officially launched its tree-planting project in partnership with the Give Back to Nature organization.

For every power wheelchair it sells, Amylior will join with Give Back to Nature to sponsor the planting of one tree. Every time an Amysystems power chair owner registers with Amylior, the manufacturer will sponsor the planting of 10 more trees.

Give Back to Nature works with Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit organization that plants trees in countries such as Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia and Tibet. Give Back to Nature supports the reintroduction of native tree species that have been lost or have been sharply reduced due to deforestation.

In addition to strengthening forest systems to support and preserve wildlife habitats, and control flooding and erosion, the project employs local villagers to plant the trees. In that way, the project also fights local poverty, which is often a side effect of farmlands no longer capable of growing crops.

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