BOC Launches New Web Site

The Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC) has launched a new Web site.

The new site features improved navigation experiences, streamlined content, mobile-device compatibility and video content. The intuitive navigation is designed to help visitors to quickly find the information they seek.

The personalized “MyBOC” resource is easy to find and use on the new site, and the site’s most frequently requested resources, such as survey checklists, accreditation standards, and accreditation applications, have been collected on one page.

In an April 16 news announcement, BOC President/CEO Claudia Zacharias said the new site “reflects the organization’s continued commitment to its innovation and ‘customer first’ values.”

Zacharias added, “BOC is committed to mirroring our culture of innovation across all of our service delivery verticals, including the digital space. Making ongoing enhancements to maximize the effectiveness of our Web site helps create continued positive customer interactions. We want to assure our customers that choosing BOC means an excellent experience in-person, on the phone and online.”

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