Mobius Mobility’s iBOT Has FDA Clearance

The new iBOT personal mobility device has received clearance from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, according to a bulletin from Mobius Mobility.

Mobius Mobility is gearing up to sell the newest generation of iBOT directly to consumers from its headquarters in Manchester, N.H.

In the bulletin, the company said it is “busy setting up our new facility” in Manchester.

Mobius Mobility reminded interested consumers that the iBOT requires a prescription to purchase, and that the device is currently available only as a retail item.

“The iBOT isn’t coded for insurance coverage yet,” the company said. “We are actively pursuing this, but in the short term, the iBOT will be available as a self-pay cash sale only.”

This newest generation of iBOT comes more than 10 years after the former manufacturer, Independence Technology, pulled the power chair from the market due to insufficient demand. The iBOT’s relaunch is scheduled for this summer.

“Pricing for the iBOT is still being calculated, but we are working to keep the price as close to $30,000 as possible,” Mobius Mobility said.

While this latest iBOT does have features that distinguish it from previous iterations — for instance, rehab seating will reportedly be available — it retains the stair-climbing function that made it famous and most famously captured the attention of mainstream media.

Mobius Mobility has said consumers interested in the iBOT will need to travel to the company’s New Hampshire headquarters to be evaluated, fitted and trained on using the device. Repairs to the device will also need to be made at the company’s Manchester facility, although for repairs to the seating portion of the iBOT, Mobius Mobility has recommended that consumers contact the seating manufacturer.

Mobius Mobility staff will also be available to talk to consumers via phone to try to troubleshoot repair situations.

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