Pediatric-Focused Circle Specialty Makes Its Debut

Providers looking for a pediatric manual wheelchair with a cost-conscious price point have a new source to consider.

Circle Specialty ( is a new company launched by industry veterans in the pediatric equipment manufacturing field, Abraham and Pearl Goldstein. Circle Specialty’s mission is to provide affordable rehab equipment with a focus on kids, teens and young adults. Their first product line is the Ziggo, a chair that Abraham Goldstein said is designed and manufactured to provide an “unparalleled” price point.

Ziggo is offered in three sizes, in seat widths of 12", 14" and 16". The 12" seat width Ziggo has a weight capacity of 150 lbs., a seat depth of 12", and weighs 28 lbs. without riggings. The 14" seat width model also has a weight capacity of 150 lbs., plus a seat depth of 16" and a weight of 36.5 lbs. without riggings. The largest Ziggo, with a 16" seat width, has a 250-lb. weight capacity, a 16" seat depth, and weighs 37 lbs. without riggings.

All Ziggo models have colored steel frames with nylon upholstery; flip-back padded desk-length armrests; a pelvic belt; quick-release, treaded PU rear wheels and solid PVC front wheels; push-to-lock brakes; and height-adjustable, swing-away footrests with plastic footplates. A variety of accessories is designed to increase comfort, posture and support.

The Ziggo line is the lead product in Circle Specialty’s goal to “cover the full spectrum of [pediatric] needs throughout the day, from walking to sitting to bathing and sleeping.” The New York Brooklyn-based company is looking for provider partners; contact Circle Specialty at (718) 943-6452, or e-mail to

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