NSM Launches Eligibility & Benefits System

National Seating & Mobility (NSM) has launched an automated benefits and eligibility system (ABE) “designed to expedite the funding cycle associated with [the] fulfillment process.”

In a news announcement, NSM described the ABE system as “driven by a proprietary micro-service [that] abbreviates the typical complex funding process timeline, facilitating submissions and associated order placements.”

The new system collects benefits and eligibility information from an external database, then integrates the information with NSM’s systems. NSM reported a 17-percent year-over-year increase in productivity since the system was launched. NSM added that the new process also contributed to the company’s 10-percent annual improvement in the time required to obtain payor approvals of client orders.

“Funding is the most time-consuming and one of the most complicated aspects of fulfilling orders for our clients,” said NSM CEO Bill Mixon. “We have had a concerted focus on operational excellence initiatives in this area, and our new automated benefits and eligibility process is one of a number of advancements born from this focus.”

Mixon added that the new system supports NSM’s goal of improving its relationship and work with the consumers it serves.

“We are always focused on the client experience,” he said. “Driving efficiencies in all areas of our business positions our team to provide best-in-class service for those we serve.”

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