NSM Launches Automated Reimbursement System

National Seating & Mobility’s (NSM) new automated “expected reimbursement” system is streamlining the complex rehab reimbursement process for the provider’s funding teams and ultimately, for the consumers they serve.

In a news announcement, NSM said the new system “utilizes required payor and client benefits information to provide a real-time expected reimbursement for the equipment being ordered without the need for significant manual calculations.”

The NSM announcement said that so far, the new system has been a key reason that its funding team has improved productivity by 18 percent while reducing the time spent by 6 percent per funding case this year.

NSM indicated it expects productivity to continue to improve as the system is used. The system is integrated with the benefits and eligibility process that NSM introduced earlier this year.

Bill Mixon, NSM’s CEO, said of the reimbursement system, “This automated, real-time information gives our funding specialists the ability to focus on moving the order forward more efficiently. It also increases the accuracy of the initial communications with the client about their financial responsibility, so there are less surprises down the road.”

He added, “Our cross-functional IT team has been thoughtfully developing this integrated system for some time now. It is one of a number of technology initiatives we are working on to increase efficiency, agility and speed of operational processes to ensure a best-in-class client experience.”

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