Mobility Management Launches CRT Podcasts

Mobility Management has launched an ongoing podcast series devoted to the complex rehab technology (CRT) industry.

Mobility Management Executive Editor Laurie Watanabe called the podcasts a way to share conversations on the fly with assistive technology providers, seating and mobility clinicians, rehab engineers, CRT technicians, funding specialists and other industry stakeholders.

In its first podcast, Mobility Management shared the microphone with Ginger Walls, PT, MS, NCS, ATP/SMS, the Regional Clinical Education Manager for Permobil.

Walls discussed combining seat elevation with anterior (forward) tilt, which results in what Permobil calls Active Reach and Active Height.

From a functional perspective, being able to tilt forward while elevated can give power wheelchair users improved access and better positioning during a number of activities of daily living, including brushing their teeth, cooking meals and eating.

Walls also discusses the funding landscape for seat elevation plus anterior tilt.

“Mobility Management podcasts are educational, but also conversational and easy to digest,” said Executive Editor Laurie Watanabe. “Every podcast is less than 30 minutes long, and listeners can choose when, where and how to tune in.

“We did a survey before we started podcasting, and respondents said they spend a lot of time on the road, commuting to and from work, but also to and from clinic appointments and home visits. Our podcasts let you ‘listen in’ on conversations starring your colleagues.”

To check out Mobility Management podcasts, click HERE.


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