NPIAP Calls for Case Series of High-Risk Clients

Among the focuses at the 2020 National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP) conference will be preventing pressure injuries in patients at high risk.

As part of that educational process, the NPIAP is calling for papers on that topic.

In a Nov. 20 bulletin to stakeholders, the NPIAP said, “One of the purposes of the conference is to explore avoidable and unavoidable pressure injury. NPIAP is looking for case series of five or more patients that were classified as extremely high risk, yet your team was able to implement a successful pressure injury prevention program.”

Submissions should include a synopsis of the cases; a photograph of each case; and an explanation of why you determined that each case presented either an avoidable or unavoidable pressure injury situation.

The deadline for submissions is Dec. 15. The selected papers will be presented on Feb. 28 at the NPIAP meeting.

The NPIAP is also calling for papers on skin failure or Kennedy Terminal Ulcers.

The NPIAP conference takes place Feb. 26-28 in Houston. To submit your papers, click HERE.


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