New Broda Grant Supports Seating Research

Broda has launched a 2020 Excellence in Seating Research Project in collaboration with the Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation (COTF).

Nick Hoffmeyer, VP of Marketing for Broda, said of the project, “This is a special opportunity to work with an outstanding organization and to advance the level of knowledge in an often-overlooked area of long-term care that desperately needs rigorous research. Broda’s commitment to improving the quality of care includes this effort supporting clinicians and the academic community by providing them with the resources to realize important studies.”

Broda has contributed $15,000 Canadian to fully fund the COTF’s research grant for 2020.

Proposed research objectives include demonstrating the care benefits of using tilt wheelchairs in long-term care settings; demonstrating the care benefits of using pressure-reduction wheelchairs to prevent pressure injuries; comparing the efficacy of tilt wheelchairs to standard slingback wheelchairs and/or geriatric chair seating; and comparing the efficacy of Broda’s Comfort Tension Seating to wheelchair cushions, basic padding and slingback wheelchair seats, among other possible seating, positioning and wheelchair topics based in long-term care environments.

Canadian researchers are eligible to apply by Feb. 28; the principal investigator must be an occupational therapist and must work in Canada. Click HERE for more information.


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