Numotion Partners with NOW Technologies to Distribute PWC Control Systems

DALLAS — Numotion has signed an agreement with NOW Technologies — also known as NOW Tech — to become the first American distributor of its power wheelchair control systems.

The announcement was made during Numotion’s annual National Leadership Conference at the Hilton Anatole on Jan. 23.

As part of the agreement, Numotion’s clinical experts and ATPs will collaborate with NOW Tech on future product designs.

NOW Tech, based in Hungary, produces the Gyroset Glory and the Gyroset Vigo, systems that use Bluetooth technology and gyroscopes to create a proportional head control for power wheelchair driving and powered seating operation. The systems, which look like telephone headsets, can be adjusted according to a power wheelchair user’s range of motion, strength and control.

Mike Swinford, Numotion’s CEO, said of the new agreement, “This partnership has the potential to bring incredible change for people living with disabilities. We see a path to create major leaps forward in how users interact with their power wheelchair, as well as other technology, which is long overdue. The control system technology on power wheelchairs hasn’t changed much in decades, despite all the tech advancements we’ve seen in almost every other part of our lives.”

At the National Leadership Conference, Numotion ATPs saw first-hand how the NOW Tech devices essentially turn power wheelchair users into their own joysticks. By tilting their heads left, right, forward or backward while wearing the devices, users can drive and turn smoothly. The devices’ sensitivity levels can be adjusted so that users with less range of motion can still operate the systems efficiently. NOW Tech can also provide devices that enable power chair users to operate tilt and recline.

Mark Istvan, CEO of NOW Tech, said, “Numotion is the premier CRT provider in the U.S., and we are incredibly excited about this partnership. Our capabilities in technology design, combined with their clinical expertise and the country’s largest team of ATPs, creates unique opportunities. We share the same passion to help people living with disabilities gain independence and better quality of life.”


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