Q’STRAINT Launches Second-Generation QUANTUM Securement System

Q’STRAINT has launched the next generation of its QUANTUM wheelchair securement, designed to provide even greater independence for wheelchair users and greater efficiency for mobility professionals.


The QUANTUM system is known for its ability to be used virtually autonomously by wheelchair users; Q’STRAINT says consumers can self-secure in 25 seconds or less. Now the QUANTUM GEN II builds on that original success via a number of new features.

In a March 2 news announcement, Q’STRAINT noted the QUANTUM GEN II “offers faster installation, modular serviceability, operator feedback and is now nearly 10 percent lighter. Maintenance technicians will especially appreciate the lighter GEN II when handling it during installation, maintenance or repair.”

The GEN II’s ITS Technology can be integrated with the proprietary operating systems of most transit agencies. “This advanced functionality provides transit planners and mobility passengers with real-time data like ridership patterns, dwell times, and mobility seating availability. These ITS capabilities can translate into the development of mobility passenger apps, set up notifications for service, and the ability to plan the most efficient routes.”

To get mobility professionals up to speed on the new system, Q’STRAINT is also offering a certification program through its Training Academy.


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Laurie Watanabe is the editor of Mobility Management. She can be reached at lwatanabe@1105media.com.

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