Invacare Launches AVIVA Power Chair Brand

Invacare Corp. has launched the AVIVA power wheelchair brand, which the manufacturer described as conveying “a promise of design, technology and performance.”

As part of the AVIVA brand launch, Invacare showed off the front-wheel-drive AVIVA FX power chair at last week’s International Seating Symposium in Vancouver, B.C.

AVIVA FX power chair

Joost Beltman, Invacare’s VP of Sales & Marketing for North America, said of the launch, “We are proud to introduce the next generation of Invacare Power Mobility products with the AVIVA FX power wheelchair. The AVIVA FX power wheelchair will not only round out our product offering, but also offer current front-wheel-drive users a chair that is an innovative leap forward in front-wheel-drive power mobility.”

The AVIVA FX features an open-stack design to allow easier access and removal of tires, wheels, hubs, gearboxes and motors. Because all electronics are located at the rear of the unit, technicians can easily see and access wiring and connections when the wheelchair’s rear cover is removed.

The power chair is equipped with Invacare’s new patent-pending 4Sure Suspension with articulating front anti-tippers, springs and shock absorbers that work together to keep all four wheels on the ground even as the AVIVA FX navigates curbs and obstacles. The chair also features G-Trac Technology and LiNX Technology’s improved Adaptive Load Compensation to handle curbs, slopes and uneven surfaces.

Setting up the AVIVA FX is made easy with pre-set programing parameters, live wireless programming and integration with Adaptive Switch Labs’ specialty driving controls.

Visit the AVIVA FX Web site for more details.

The AVIVA FX is now available for ordering.

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