CRT Closeup: ASL 102 UNO Single Switch Scanner

Do you work with a power wheelchair user who has just one consistent switch site available? Adaptive Switch Labs’ ASL 102 UNO Single Switch Scanner with Bluetooth has you covered.

ASL UNO Scanner

A client can use that single consistent switch site to control multiple functions via a single switch. That includes power chair movement and seat functions, plus communication devices, phones and tablets.

The Attendant Control that comes standard with the UNO works in conjunction with the Drive Control. This allows the attendant to assist the client when needed without totally taking over or changing to another drive setting.

While in Bluetooth or auxiliary mode, the client can use their phone or communication device, and the attendant can control the movement of the chair.

And by adding ASL accessories, a client can connect wirelessly through the Tecla E or scan on a communication device when an ASL 802/4 is added.

The UNO is designed for clients with multiple sclerosis, ALS, spinal muscular atrophy, Locked-In Syndrome, high-level spinal cord injuries, or any power wheelchair user who has only a single constant switch site.

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