Bill Mixon: Great ATPs Lift the Entire CRT Industry

In a new Mobility Management podcast, National Seating & Mobility (NSM) CEO Bill Mixon shared his belief that great Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs) don’t just create success for their own companies; they also lift up the entire complex rehab technology (CRT) industry.


Bill Mixon

“As we think about our industry and we think about essentially the ‘brand’ that our industry has in the broader healthcare continuum, we believe very strongly that experienced, knowledgeable ATPs serve a unique and important role in our part of the overall healthcare continuum and as we deliver our solutions for our clients,” Mixon said. “We believe that continued education and those comprehensive certification standards are important in that they ensure that ATPs have demonstrated the professionalism and competence in the marketplace that they should and that they truly are professionals. We don’t use that word lightly.

“We are committed to championing the ATP profession and investing in the development of our ATPs to ensure that these quality standards exist today and continue to be further strengthened. And in doing so, we believe that this will continue to enhance the credibility of the industry as a whole.”

During the podcast with Mobility Management Editor Laurie Watanabe, Mixon also discussed how NSM nurtures and positions its ATPs for success.

“We believe that we are focused on building a best-in-class culture, where we provide a home for ATPs where they can provide the care that they want to provide to their medically fragile clients, that we provide a foundational set of skills and support structures for them to be able to fulfill a lasting career in this great profession that they’ve chosen.”

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