Quantum Rehab’s Stretto Is Designed for Tight Spaces

Historically, power wheelchair users have experienced far too much unwanted physical distancing due to the inaccessibility of many environments. Indoors, challenges can include crowded elevators, narrow hallways, and rooms that require sharp, precise turns to enter. Outdoors, narrow or cluttered walkways can be problematic. In public spaces, groups of tables, chairs, clothing racks and store fixtures can turn restaurants, bars and retail shops into obstacle courses.

Quantum Rehab Stretto in Raspberry Beret

Quantum Rehab’s new Edge 3 Stretto power chair is designed to promote greater inclusion by giving its users greater access to everyday spaces.

Quantum says the Stretto’s overall width (20.47 inches with 12.5-inch drive wheels or 21.75 inches with 14-inch drive wheels) makes it the narrowest, most maneuverable power base in America. Other user-friendly features include Independent Smooth Ride Suspension; standard fender lights and USB charger; and the option to include iLevel, Quantum’s adjustable seat height that can add up to 12 inches of seat elevation and can keep users elevated, even while driving.

For more information on the Stretto — which means “narrow” in Italian — click HERE.


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