Stealth Products Launches UniLink Hardware

How do you make “The World’s Best” (TWB) wheelchair hardware even better?

If you’re Stealth Products, you bring the TWB family into a single, simplified and united line.

UniLink Pelvic Thigh Solutions

UniLink Pelvic/Thigh Solutions

Introducing the UniLink system, designed to simplify the exacting tasks of custom building and fitting Complex Rehab Technology seating and positioning systems.

Most UniLink adjustments can be made using just one tool: a 4mm hex wrench. All UniLink elements are compatible with each other, and all systems use the same link option and three size options: 1.5-inch (3.81cm), 2-inch (5.08 cm) or 3-inch (7.62cm).

In a news announcement, Stealth Products described the UniLInk system as a “unified ecosystem” that is “interchangeable and compatible throughout configurations. This allows you to build components that fit your needs by combining links to create configurations of your own.”

UniLink gives the ATP the ability to build nearly limitless positioning options while offering improved strength compared to TWB components. “UniLink provides four times the strength of the current TWB family of products,” Stealth Products said.

With UniLink, one link configuration can be used throughout an entire system. “Every part integrates perfectly with one another, giving the opportunity to better understand it, apply it, and consider it for other implementations,” Stealth said. “As a pelvic solution or any other solution, each of its components is interchangeable.”

UniLink is available as Pelvic/Thigh, Trunk, Elbow Stops, Head Support, and Back Mounting Systems. Stealth also offers UniLink Kits that include “one of each of the pre-assemblies, as well as a tackle box of spare parts. This kit is designed so that using the parts inside, one could build unique components or repair damaged items.”

UniLink is currently available to order from Stealth Products.


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