Invacare Matrx Seating Line Includes Cushions & Positioning

Motion Concepts’ Invacare Matrx line of seating products includes a number of wheelchair seat cushions, backrests and positioning components designed for wheelchair users with complex positioning and support needs.

The current lineup includes:

Matrx Posture Seat Polymer (PSP) Cushion

HCPCS coding: E2607 (Skin Protection and Positioning)

Highlights: Lightweight at approximately 2 lbs.; molded HR foam with Ultra-Fresh; polymer overlay for enhanced skin protection and shear reduction; Startex inner cover and reversible Startex outer cover, available in sizes from 10 inches wide/pediatric to 30 inches wide/bariatric.

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Matrx Posture Seat (PS) Bariatric Cushion

HCPCS coding: E2606 (Positioning)

Highlights: Lightweight at approximately 3 lbs.; molded HR foam with Ultra-Fresh; unique waffled ischial relief area for enhanced immersion and stability; Startex inner cover; stock sizes 22 inches, 24 inches, 26 inches wide include reversible Startex outer cover; available up to 30x30” inches, 600-lb. weight capacity.

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Matrx Mini Cushions and Backs

Cushions, backs and accessories designed for kids. Mini hardware provides full range of adjustability for optimal positioning and growth. Compatible with widest range of manual and power mobility and strollers. Low-profile, contoured designs provide exceptional support with great aesthetics.

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Matrx Elan Headrest Series

Hardware with maximum adjustability in all planes. Aluminum headrest pads can be formed to desired shape. Molded foam made with Ultra-Fresh. Unique four-point design and headband option available for advanced positioning. Startex covers available fabric or reverse (wipeable) side out.

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In Support of Upper-Extremity Positioning