Invacare & Alber Introduce SMOOV one Power-Assist Device

Manual wheelchair users have a new way to tackle long hauls and other environments that can be challenging to self-propellers.

Invacare Corp. and Alber have launched SMOOV one, a portable, rear-mounted power-assist system for rigid or folding manual wheelchairs.

SMOOV one power-assist says hello

In a July 13 news announcement, Joost Beltman, Invacare’s VP of Sales & Marketing in North America, said, “We are excited to introduce such an innovative product to the U.S. market. The SMOOV one is extremely beneficial to our customers’ livelihood, and we have already seen great success since its launch last year in Europe. This solution has represented yet another technological leap forward for Invacare and is a great addition to our leading portfolio of mobility products.”

The SMOOV one’s quiet, brushless drive is controlled with a front-mounted ergonomic control unit designed to be easy to operate. The drive wheel’s tire treads maneuver easily through even tough terrains, and the wheel’s 359-degree swivel fork enables the SMOOV one to turn quickly.

In the launch announcement, Invacare noted the SMOOV one’s control unit “puts power and control right at the driver’s fingertips, enabling users to adjust speeds with ease. SMOOV one users can also download the app to enrich their experience and extend their control. With the app, wheelchair drivers can control the drive unit, set it to cruise mode, change preset drive settings, records trips, monitor battery life, and view the details for any error codes.”

The power-assist unit has a top speed of 6 mph (9.66 km per hour) and a range of up to 12 miles, depending on temperature, terrain, and the weight of the wheelchair and the consumer using it. The SMOOV one weighs 16 lbs.

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