New Podcast: Brad Peterson Talks About Tilt

Mobility Management’s latest podcast features a Complex Rehab Technology veteran talking about the many applications for power tilt… in all directions.

Brad Peterson, the VP of U.S. Sales for Amylior, has specialized in complex seating for decades.

In his podcast about incorporating power tilt, Peterson talks about the wide range of potential benefits, from tried-and-true success in weight shifting and pressure relief, to stabilizing the client’s seated posture, improving the client’s visual field, and facilitating daily activities such as transfers and catheter care.

But rather than just viewing tilt as a mechanical seating option, Peterson also sees tilting as a way to replicate the micro-movements that able-bodied people take for granted when they shift in their seats or reach over to grab an object to their left or right.

“I’m a big fan of moving in general,” Peterson said in the podcast.

In addition, Peterson talks about multiple ranges of posterior tilt, why some clinicians choose posterior tilt alone without recline, applications for anterior and lateral tilt, and applications for using posterior, anterior and/or lateral tilt in tandem. One such example relates to client compliance with a tilt regimen.

“You never want someone to fail,” Peterson explained about using tilt successfully. “You always want someone to get a good experience from that system from the beginning.”

Listen to Peterson’s podcast on tilt, and then check out Mobility Management’s podcast library, available on demand.


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