Announcing the 2020 Mobility Product Award Winners

Meet your 2020 Mobility Product Award winners!

Mobility Product AwardMobility Management’s call for entries included seating, wheeled mobility, and accessibility products. Most categories had solo winners, but in a few cases, multiple products were named winners. Congratulations to the victors, and thank you to all who participated. — Ed.


MyPermobilMyPermobil helps consumers get more out of their power wheelchairs by sending relevant status updates directly to their smartphones in real time. The MyPermobil app provides an integrated map that can assist consumers on their power wheelchair journeys. By combining battery status and travel range estimates, they can also travel with confidence. MyPermobil offers meaningful insights into power seat function usage and automatic error code reporting directly to wheelchair providers.

Categories: Accessories, Wheelchair; Electronics, Power Wheelchair

ASL 110 FUSION Proportional and Digital Head Array

ASL 110 FUSION  Proportional and Digital Head ArrayThe patents-pending ASL 110 FUSION Proportional and Digital Head Array is a multi-use drive control. Functionality built in through programming makes it ideal for clients with a wide range of diagnoses. The FUSION enables clients to control speed and direction fully proportionally. Adjustability options are made to fit customizable needs and progressions of disabilities. Using ASL accessories, a client can wirelessly connect to an AAC device, a mouse emulator and the Tecla E. The FUSION Proportional Head Array is used with the ASL 165 FUSION Display and Programmer shown here.

Adaptive Switch Laboratories Inc.
Category: Alternate Driving Controls

Invacare Matrx E2 Back Series

Invacare Matrx E2 Back SeriesThe Invacare Matrx E2 takes back support to a new level, with hardware updates and new accessories for the best fit and easiest setup. Leading-edge CoolFlo foam provides temperature control and enhanced immersion for the most comfortable support. New compact MiniSet hardware is standard on back heights up to 16"; Reliable EasySet interface is standard on 18"/20" back heights. CoolFlo foam has channels for breathability and temperature control. A rippled foam surface provides immersion for support and comfort. The spinal relief area is designed for offloading and shear reduction.

Motion Concepts
Categories: Backs, Wheelchair: Planar Back & Laterals; Invacare Matrx E2 Back Series, Motion Concepts

Apex Headrests

Apex HeadrestsApex Headrests are a new line of plush wheelchair headrests available in a variety of colors and sizes. With a streamlined and unique design, Apex Headrests provide a stylish head support while eliminating zippers and Velcro. A variety of covers is available to meet the needs of different users. The aluminum shell is lightweight, durable and can be contoured to give the desired support. Constructed from the highest-quality materials, Apex Headrests provide wheelchair users with an effective and stylish head support.

Symmetric Designs
Category: Positioning, Head


Raz-ZümThe Züm is Raz’s first folding mobile shower commode chair. Its unique cross-braces are curved forward and positioned lower to allow the chair to be positioned over a toilet with the aperture fully aligned over the toilet bowl. The Züm can be fitted with four casters (Attendant Propel), 22" or 24" rear wheels (Self Propel) or without real wheels so that the user can swap out their wheelchair wheels when traveling. The Züm accepts all Raz standard-width seats and many accessories. Other features include an aluminum frame, center-of-mass adjustment, flip-up arms and a removable back.

Raz Design
Category: Hygiene & Bath Equipment

2019 F5 Corpus VS

2019 F5 Corpus VSThe F5 Corpus VS enables power wheelchair users to achieve the benefits of full upright standing without sacrificing performance or positioning. Programmable standing sequences allow user position to be optimized through sit-to-stand, semi-reclined or lay-to-stand techniques. Built on a front-wheel-drive platform for enhanced stability, the F5 Corpus VS features intelligent front support wheels that automatically deploy to the ground to enable stand-and-drive functionality.

Categories: Wheelchairs, Power: Group 4 (All Types); Positioning: Standing Wheelchairs

Axiom Custom Seating App

Axiom Custom Seating AppCustom seating can be complex, but ordering doesn’t have to be. With the Axiom Custom Seating App, create custom interfaces that present the choices used most frequently and hide other choices until you need them. The app supports unlimited interfaces, so you can create specific choices for individual clinics or clients. Quote and order directly from your interfaces. Every quote or order created in the app is conveniently stored.

Ki Mobility
Category: Seating Systems

Reclining Backrest with Adjustable Angle

Reclining Backrest with Adjustable AngleOnly the Ki Mobility Pediatric Reclining Backrest with Adjustable Handle has locking gas springs that maintain their position even when pressure is applied to the handle to overcome architectural barriers such as curbs and larger obstacles. The backrest allows for opening of back angles (0-60°) to best facilitate each unique situation.

Ki Mobility
Category: Positioning: Trunk

Aluminum Locking Multi-Angle Adjustable Footrest

Aluminum Locking Multi Angle Adjustable FootrestThe Ki Mobility Aluminum Locking Multi-Angle Adjustable Footrest allows for infinite adjustment in multiple axes to accommodate difficult positioning requirements, such as inversion, eversion, plantar, and dorsi-flexion. The footrest optimizes support, pressure distribution, and postural alignment.

Ki Mobility
Category: Positioning: Upper/Lower Extremities

JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology

JAY Fluid with Cryo TechnologyJAY Flow Fluid is now enhanced with patent-pending CryoFluid Technology. JAY CryoFluid provides one of the highest degrees of skin protection by addressing the four primary risks for pressure injuries: pressure, shear, temperature, and moisture. It actively cools the seated skin surface to a therapeutic temperature range to reduce perspiration and reduce the risk of pressure injury. JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology actively cools for up to eight hours and “resets” during off-loading. Available on JAY Fusion and JAY Syncra cushions.

Sunrise Medical
Category: Seat Cushions, skin protection, adjustable (E2622-2623)

SmartDrive PushTracker E2 with SwitchControl

SmartDrive PushTracker E2 with SwitchControlSmartDrive gives manual wheelchair users more control over their power-assist experience. The PushTracker E2 and SwitchControl work together to give users customizable ways to control their SmartDrive, track its impact and gain insights to improve their independence. The SmartDrive’s lightweight, OmniWheel design is compatible with active lifestyles. Paired with the PushTracker E2 wearable and SwitchControl buttons, SmartDrive offers added flexibility, convenience and control options.

Category: Power-Assist Systems

Alber SMOOV one

Alber SMOOV oneThe SMOOV one is an innovative electric drive that can be attached or detached at any time, even while sitting in the wheelchair. At 15.87 lbs., this electric drive is light enough for everyday use, yet robust. With the SMOOV one, wheelchair users can master curbs, thresholds or small hills. With a range of up to 12.5 miles, the powerful drive can transport up to 300 lbs. Consumers can use the SMOOV Mobility App to track battery charge and range.

Alber – USA
Category: Power-Assist Systems

Invacare AVIVA FX with Ultra Low Maxx

Invacare AVIVA FX with Ultra Low MaxxThe AVIVA FX Power Wheelchair line combines new technologies with an elegant design to provide both comfort and control, indoors and outdoors. This FX version accommodates multiple power functions; the Ultra Low Maxx Seating System provides seat-to-floor heights of 16.75", 17.75", 18.75" and 19.75". Driving range and speed vary based on driving and battery conditions.

Invacare Corp.
Category: Wheelchairs, Power: Group 3, Multiple Power


LUCILUCI provides stability, security and Cloud connectivity via a first-of-itskind hardware/software platform that mounts onto an existing power chair. Sensors, software and HIPAA-secure communication provide collision avoidance: LUCI detects obstacles and listens to user inputs to help riders avoid running into walls, pets and people. LUCI recognizes drop-offs so ramps and curbs won’t lead to injuries, and monitors ramp steepness.

Category: Smart Technology

MPS Mini Maxx — Multi-Position Power Standing System

MPS Mini Maxx — Multi-Position Power Standing SystemThe new MPS Mini Maxx — Multi-Position Power Standing System is now available exclusively for the ROVI A3. This highly adjustable system combines a power standing function with a full range of power positioning solutions, all in a compact design that offers the smallest clients a unique combination of independence, function and accessibility. The system offers 45° CG Tilt, 165° of Recline/ESR, and 7” Seat Elevation with Mini Power Articulating Belt Drive Center Mount Foot Platform (BDC).

Motion Concepts
Categories: Wheelchairs, Power: Group 3, Multiple Power; Positioning: Standing Wheelchairs

Edge 3 Stretto

Edge 3 StrettoStretto means narrow in Italian, and this base lives up to its name, with an overall width of 20.75" with 12.5" drive wheels, making it ideal for children, teens and small adults. It is equipped with independent SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) for great maneuverability. Optional iLevel delivers 12" of power adjustable seat height.

Quantum Rehab
Category: Wheelchairs, Power: Group 3, Multiple Power

BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse Accessible SUV

BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse Accessible SUVBraunAbility’s latest wheelchair-accessible SUV, launching this summer, is built on the Chevrolet Traverse. It pairs sleek SUV styling with the space of an accessible minivan. With 46 percent more space at the rear cabin compared to BraunAbility’s Explorer SUV, consumers can choose an SUV without sacrificing room to maneuver. Other improvements include a wider doorway and ramp, a side entry with power in-floor ramp, removable front seats, and the ability to fit up to two wheelchair users.

Category: Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles

Encore Rehab Wheelchair

Encore Rehab WheelchairBroda’s manual tilt-in-space Encore Rehab Wheelchair (E1161) builds on the success of the Encore Pedal Wheelchair with special adaptations for complex rehab environments. Broda has partnered with Motion Concepts to bring the Matrx Seating Series available to order and ship pre-configured on-chair. The Encore Rehab also has new foldable back canes to assist with transporting between facilities or within personal vehicles to travel safely and efficiently.

Category: Wheelchairs, Manual: Tilt-in-Space

Explorer Mini

Explorer MiniThe Explorer Mini is a regulatory-cleared powered mobility solution that facilitates self-initiated movement and early exploration for children 12-36 months old with mobility impairments. The Explorer Mini features multiple weight-bearing surfaces to promote safe, stable upright postures. The integrated table and backrest are supportive and allow freedom of movement. An adjustable saddle seat supports hip development, and a midline proportional joystick with bright yellow ball handle promotes visual development, grasp and release, and use of bilateral upper extremities.

Category: Wheelchairs, Power: Group 5 (Pediatric)

Catalyst 5

Catalyst 5Ki’s  agship Catalyst 5 redefines ultralightweight folding chairs in weight, performance, durability and function. Adding to the Catalyst reputation is a new standard high-performance spoke wheel, Maxx Performance, which offers performance and style without a high price tag. These wheels have 18 radial spokes and a high range hub for increased rigidity and more responsive performance. The heightened responsiveness and lightweight design give the rider the most from every push.

Ki Mobility
Category: Wheelchairs, Manual: Ultralightweight

Invacare AVIVA FX with Captain & Rehab Seat

Invacare AVIVA FX with Captain and Rehab SeatInvacare Corp.’s AVIVA FX Power Wheelchair has been designed to offer an impressive blend of new technologies and an elegant design to give consumers maximum comfort and control when driving indoors and outdoors. Driving range and speed will vary based on driving and battery conditions.

Invacare Corp.
Category: Wheelchairs, Power: Group 3, Standard

Invacare TDX SP2 and TDX SP2 HD with Ultra Low Maxx

Invacare TDX SP2 and TDX SP2 HD with Ultra Low MaxxModern design meets timeless performance in the next generation of TDX. The Invacare TDX SP2 Power Wheelchair with Motion Concepts’ Ultra Low Maxx Positioning System and LiNX Technology is designed for people seeking exceptional driving performance, elegant design, comfort and stability. Driving range and speed vary based on driving and battery conditions and battery model.

Invacare Corp.
Category: Wheelchairs, Power: Group 3, Single Power

This article originally appeared in the Aug/Sept 2020 issue of Mobility Management.

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