Karen Roy Podcast: “Biases Have Been Exposed” in Pandemic

In a newMobility Management podcast, Numotion Ambassador Karen Roy talks about what was like to use a wheelchair while helping clients as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and in more recent years in the industry, what it’s like to be an educator, not just to Complex Rehab Technology professionals, but to the public at large.

In the podcast “How the Pandemic Could Change the Lives of People with Disabilities,” Roy also talks about this public health emergency’s possibly lasting impact.

“Biases against people with disabilities have been exposed during this pandemic,” Roy said. “Who is to say that because someone can ambulate, vs. someone who is not able to ambulate, that their life is more valuable? Maybe society will have more empathy for people with disabilities who are living in isolation.”

Roy acknowledged that she is observed and asked questions wherever she goes, but that she treats awkward or even rude questioning to be potential teaching moments, calling those “a good thing.”

And in a podcast outtake, Roy shares a funny, true story about why she takes special care in answering curious questions from children.

Listen to the podcast here, and view Mobility Management’s podcast library here.


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