Quantum Rehab Launches Clinician App

Quantum Rehab has bundled its many resources of value to seating and wheeled mobility clinicians into a new clinician app.

The Quantum Clinician app includes a myriad of assets and resources, including 360-degree product views, fillable order forms, specification sheets, owner’s manuals, installation and basic operating instructions, and consumer testimonials.

Clinicians can select Canada or the United States as their location to receive content specific to the country in which they work.

Kate Pencek, Senior Director of IT & Enterprise Architecture at Quantum Rehab, said of the launch, “We are excited to release this app as part of our efforts to reach our providers and clinicians in a way that meets today’s technological demands and provides a great user experience. The app is simple and user-friendly, yet contains a wealth of knowledge. We want it to be a true, convenient, one-stop digital hub for all the Quantum information clinicians and providers need.”

Quantum Rehab Director of Marketing Megan Kutch said the app is an answer for clinicians and providers who have asked for easy access to information, such as Quantum Rehab serial numbers.

“We have been asked by providers and clinicians for serial number and order number search functionalities, and we thought the app is the best place to put them for easy access,” Kutch explained. “We also made sure to include fillable order forms on the app, since we know most quotes are completed during or immediately after an evaluation. In addition, push notifications will ensure product launches and important news are never missed.”

The new app, which replaces the Quantum Professional app, is available for download for free at the Apple Store and Google Play.

View the app’s highlights in a new Quantum Clinician video.


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