Curtiss-Wright Launches New PWC Control System

Curtiss-Wright has announced a new control system for power wheelchairs.

In a news announcement, the manufacturer said its new nVR2 BLDC Powerchair Control System was “designed specifically to meet the requirements of small power chairs fitted with Brushless DC motors” and called the system an ideal choice for power chair manufacturers.

“The product is compliant with all relevant international standards and independently certified by TÜV. Curtiss-Wright can provide documentation in support of FDA 510(k) submissions, as well as information for MDR CE-marking and documentation packs suitable for the CFDA and KFDA,” the announcement said.

Designed by Curtiss-Wright’s PG Drives Technology team, the nVR2 BLDC was created to provide excellent driving performance “across a wide range of BLDC motors.”

The new system’s power module features industry-standard connectors and is capable of supplying 40A rms to each motor at peak power. The control system uses minimal current while turned off and meets international standards even on power chairs with small-capacity 5Ah batteries.

A flexible Battery Discharge Indicator algorithm enables power chair manufacturers to set different discharge curves for different types of batteries.

The control system’s joystick module features a compact design that’s easy to use and ideally suited for indoor usage. An optional sealing cover for the power module is available if the person using the power chair will be taking it outdoors.

Curtiss-Wright’s programming tools can be used to easily adjust the nVR2 BLDC Powerchair Control System to best fit each consumer’s needs.

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